Gitana – Registered Trademark of Tiganca Winery (Vinaria Tiganca S.R.L)

Gitana wines are complex and elegant wines, with a distinguished style, that manages to capture the particularities and the specific character of the area of origin, Valul lui Traian. The experts claim that this region is located in one of the best in the Republic of Moldova for the growing of grapes for red wines and liqueur, due to climate conditions, which are similar to those of the famous wine regions Bordeaux (France) and Piedmont (Italy).

The location of plantations (360 ha of vines) on the southwest-heading slopes, fertile soils, and the influence of vicinity of Codrii Tigheciului and the Black Sea provide exceptional conditions for grape maturation.

The main objective of Tiganca Winery is to ensure that Gitana wines preserve the personal identity of each variety of grapes in their flavor and structure, so that the typicality of varieties is not too influenced by human intervention.

Gitana Winery pays most attention to the quality of wines, based on traditions and "know-how" in the field. Due to compliance with this principle, Gitana wines enjoy acclaim from both professionals and consumers, winning over time many awards in the specialized competitions in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Gitana wine is the result of harmonious combination of the generosity of nature and the human labor. It is the result of the Dulgher family’s passion for wine production, backed by an exceptional terroir. Gitana is a symbol of the confluence of tradition and modernity, a return to origins, but at the same time a look to the future, marking a milestone in the rebirth of Moldovan wines.