Romanovca 2

Vineyard area: 110 ha: Riesling de Rhein – 24 ha, Chardonnay – 44 ha, Fetească Regală – 42 ha

Altitude above sea level: 50-100 m

Slopes exposure: mainly southwestern

Average angle of slopes:

Average annual temperature: +9,5°С

Average amount of annual rainfall: 445 mm

Type of soil: typical and carbonated chernozems

Grape-vine varieties: Riesling de Rhein, Chardonnay, Fetească Regală

Resulting wines: Fetească Regală, Riesling de Rhein, La Petite Sophie

merlot Riesling De Rhein
merlot Chardonnay
cabernet Fetească Regală

Also in Romanovca village, Gitana Winery operates a second plantation of grapes, but it specializes in growing white varieties. The grounds of this vineyard were built in 2005, when much of the plantation was used for the local variety Feteasca Regala. The Southwest exposure of terraces and the balanced climatic conditions help achieve the perfect ripening of the grapes. Thus, Gitana white wines obtain fine floral aromas and a reach, crispy and delicious taste.

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