Romanovka 1

Vineyard area: 150 ha: Merlot – 35 ha, Cabernet Sauvignon – 97 ha, Saperavi – 8 ha, Rară Neagră – 10 ha

Altitude above sea level: 120-205 m

Slopes exposure: mainly southwestern

Average angle of slopes:

Average annual temperature: +9,6°С

Average amount of annual rainfall: 444 mm

Type of soil: levigated chernozems, carbonated and typical chernozems, clay texture

Grape-vine varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, Rară Neagră

Resulting wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, Lupi

cabernet Cabernet
merlot Merlot
merlot Saperavi

Most vineyards of Gitana Winery are located in Romanovca village. The 150 hectares are used for growing red grape varieties. The planting of cuttings started in 2002, and in 2012 cultivation of one of the most representative local grape varieties – Rara Neagra started. The southwestern exposure of hills results in the fact that sunburn and airflow bring only benefits to grape-vines growing. The unique qualities of the climate and soil of this vineyard give the wine a bright red color and aroma, specific for the variety.

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