Wine House Gitana

Gitana aren`t simple wines ...

There are stories bottled and hugs flavors bold as the result of hard work and continuous improvement, there are potions that were honored with awards from leading international exhibitions and by the quality and uniqueness. The Gitana brand is already known for tens of thousands of consumers, both at home and abroad.

That`s why it was inevitable and absolutely necessary to open a wine houses in Chisinau Gitana Winery.

We are a welcoming host and we want to know our customers personally and as a result they become our friends.

For you to choose the right product according to your taste, "House wine Gitana" offers a tasting of their wines. In addition, the consultation of experts will help in choosing the perfect wine.

Here can be found all branded wines Gitana Winery: Surori, La petite Sophie, Lupi, Saperavi, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Feteasca regală, Riesling de Rhein and, soon the new blend with unique formula - Riesling de Rorbach Cru.

"Wine House Gitana" carries not only an individual wine tasting, but also organizes tastings on request for groups of visitors.

In addition to a tasting room, "Wine House Gitana" is a center of trade wines directly from the manufacturer, that's why here you are informed about the latest company news.

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Welcome to "Wine House Gitana"

The whole week: from 9 am till 7 pm
Our location: 6 Alexandru Vlahuta street , Chishinau, Republic of Moldova
GSM: (+373) 69123563