How was your coming to Romania? How difficult was it to get into the Romanian market?

I was very enthusiastic to come to Romania, first of all because it is a very interesting market and it’s still growing, and secondly because it is a very dear market to us, Moldovan people. Moldovans like to have contacts with Romania, we feel like we’re coming home after a long trip, we feel connected to Romania in many ways, but most of all in terms of traditions and culture. There are more and more versed connoisseurs of quality wines in Romania, people who already know the most important international labels and look for new flavors, original combinations and blends, terroirs full of personality, such as the Moldovan wine.

A gastronomic boutique which aspires beyond the simple display of the products, Gitana Winery Meat & Wine offers consumers both Premium class wines that they were able to cherish and products from fresh meat (pork, chicken, lamb and beef), directly from producers, processed and seasoned by Italian technology.

We had the great opportunity to be present with our wines at the opening of restaurant Times in Chisinau. In a relaxed atmosphere, all those present at the event enjoyed the finest wines produced by Gitana Winery.

Gitana wines come from the wine-growing area named "Valul lui Traian". Being natives of these lands, we have not chosen accidentally this area, famous for its red grapes with a maximum potential and often compared to the Bordeaux area of France. At first, we produced wine from the grapes brought by farmers, 

Recently, our company has launched two new wines: Lupi – a red wine, and La petite Sophie – a white wine. We hope these two wines will become representative for “Gitana Winery” in the future. These are wines that have personality: La petite Sophie is created to point out the elegance and refinement of a true lady, whereas Lupi underlines the power and verticality of a man.

Monday, 15 April 2013 13:43

How do you discover a noble wine?

“You should become friends with the wine and choose the one you could worship”, Fanus Neagu believed. But, in order to choose a wine worthy of admiration and charming by its flavours, your should know some aspects that define it and learn the basics of wine tasting. Here are some pieces of advice from Gitana Winery: